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    CENTRAL CENTRIFUGAL CICATRICIAL ALOPECIA Scarring alopecia, in particular Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia, is of great interest to me because there are so many unknown factors as to how and why it is caused.  The Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA) is said to affect African American women more than any other group of people.  With that said, I have tried to research this form of hair loss to find the commonalities in recent studies.
  • Neuropeptides lead to hair loss
    David Salinger is one of the world's leading trichologists - or hair and scalp specialists - and is director of the International Association of Trichologists.
  • Researchers discover baldness gene: 1 in 7 men at risk
    Scientists at McGill, King's College and GSK solve mystery of male pattern baldness

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With all of the many advertised hair and scalp treatments available from various sources these days, it is very important that you receive treatment from a fully trained and qualified professional Trichologist, to make sure that you are getting the highest standard of care available.

Unfortunately there is no official regulation of these treaments yet, as there are for other medical professions, so make sure you look out for the official sign of the International Association of Trichologists when deciding on the best course of treament.

Donna Ryan

Donna Ryan IAT established the Manchester Clinic of Trichology in 1992, and so has almost twenty years of experience in the field of Trichology, helping people with hair, skin and scalp problems to deal with these issues. Donna is also a lecturer in hair science.

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